The Icarus Group

The Icarus Group is an organization of elite aviation professionals operating with total discretion, dedication and transparency using the best in high technology and our wealth of experience solving any business or commercial aviation problems.

We improve our clients’ productivity, efficiency and bottom line through operational safety audits and specific problem solving; from airport operations to cargo and passenger control, aircraft maintenance tracking to spare parts control/bar coding, fixed base ground handling and more.

We offer several software packages that control aircraft maintenance management, spare parts across any number of warehouses, FBO services and ground handling – including local Customs and Immigration forms, and aviation fuel bulk storage and distribution.

Our design department will assist you in creating a new software package or modify one of our current packages to suit your needs exactly.

Design Approach:

To provide a dynamic system capable of handling today’s tracking, reporting and operational requirements within an architecture allowing for unlimited enhancements, upgrades and modifications.

Aviation Applications:

Each system is custom designed to any set of fixed and dynamic requirements.  The Icarus Group has experience in solutions for bulk fuel management and distribution, passenger/cargo reservations, aircraft maintenance tracking, provisioning, inventory control, MRO (heavy maintenance), CONUS and international airport and FBO operations.

Solutions provide control in but not limited to three areas:

  • System Administration (management)
  • Operations / Reporting (day to day)
  • Financial Control (multi-level cost accounting)

All systems are secure, allowing or denying user access accordingly.  WEB access to controlled viewing and reporting provides enhanced decision making throughout the theater of operations.


The Icarus Group is made up of individuals with disciplines in aviation, computer science, security, management, and training.


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